Diamond Spring - Water Technologies
We have been in business for 30 years and all have always maintained that our health is the most valuable asset we can possess.
Our objective is to advise clients on how to have the best water to drink and cook with.
Our products are designed mainly for domestic use. We do not supply equipment for self installation as we want to insure that our eqipment is installed properly and functioning correctly.
As a result of our care and service, a high percentage of our new business is by referal and recommendations from satisfied customers.
 If you have a problem with your existing equipment or supplier we can service most makes located in the North London, Essex and Herts area.
Contact us - phone 07761 102813 or email James@waternet.co.uk
Diamond Spring Water Technologies,
Eppingdene Farm Buildings,
Ivy Chimneys, Epping. CM16 4EL
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