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Diamond Spring Water Technologies  
We supply and install   quality drinking water filters & purifiers that can maintaining and improve good health. 
Our range of products 
work to purify, alkalize and energize water.
The selection includes:-
Ceramic Cartridges.
Reverse Osmosis (R.O.)
ElectroChemical Activation (E.C.A.)
How to choose between different types of Drinking Water Filter / Purifier and how do they differ?
A simple Dirt & Sediment filter will remove various solid particles and will visibly clean the water. However this is usually the first step of any filtering system. The next component in the water that people are aware of is the Chlorine. This is relatively easy remove along with other taste and odours with a Carbon Filter.
The larger the filter the more completely these will be adsorbed.
However these are just filter the water but do not purify the water. In order for a system to classify as a purifier it must be able to remove bacteria any from a water supply.
Ceramic Filter Cartridges will remove most bacterial contamination.
Fortunately, the water supply in the U.K is usually safe from bacteria, although there has been the very occasional outbreak of Cryptosporidium in the hot summers of the past.
However,none of the above will remove the Pesticides, Insecticides, Industrial chemicals and pollutants that find their way into our drinking water supplies. These substances that are dissolved into the water are referred as Dissolved Solids.
The two types of equipment that will remove these Dissolved Solids are Water Distillers or Reverse Osmosis water purifying systems.
Distillers work by boiling the water and then trap the steam when condensed, collected and then sometime filtered through carbon filter. With a good quality Distiller the water is should be completely pure. But it will taste flat. This would be ideal for your car battery or electric iron.
With the Reverse Osmosis (RO) method, all but 5% approx. of pollutants, (dependant on various parameters) even those that are dissolved in solution are extracted by the membrane and passed to the household drain.
R.O. systems, using no chemicals or additives, produce clear polished water that tastes light and pleasant.
The problem of lower pH of the product water can be solved by adding a special re-mineralising and Bioceramic pH balancing media cartridge.
This wil ensure that the purified water is pleasant to taste.
The unique technology of Electrochemical Activation (ECA) not only cleans the water, it also adds antioxidant properties to it.
As the name implies it employs an electrical process to produce antioxidant water that will normalize metabolic processes, restore and strengthen immunity, thus
significantly inhibiting the process of senescence.  It exercises a salutary influence over the whole body.
For information and advice on any of the above systems, just call us on 07761 102813. 
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